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The Story Continues…

50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion:

From the Global Frontlines of the Struggle

The New York Irish Center on June 18, 2019, once again hosted The Story Continues, a series dedicated to promoting the ongoing conversation and activism in advocacy for LGBTQ+ equality. Attendees braved an unsavory early summer downpour to join us for a night of compelling conversation about international efforts from several courageous activist and community leaders from some of the most restrictive countries of LGBTQ+ rights.

In partnership with Front Line Defenders, OutRight Action International, and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the New York Irish Center welcomed four leaders in their respective countries who were honored with the 2019 Front Line Defenders Award: Badr Baabou of Tunisa, Veronika Lapina (working in the Chechnya region of Russia), TK from Indonesia, and Eric Sambisa from Malawi. Each participant eloquently informed the audience about the struggles they face, both in their daily lives and on a greater scale. Be it violence, persecution, suppression, denial of basic human rights, denial of equal rights—even blatant disregard for their existence—we learned of the vast voids yet to be bridged in so many countries across the world when it comes to rights for LGBTQ+ communities. The panelists not only spoke on the hardships faced but the positive results of their work, the lives they’ve literally saved, the people they’ve helped come forward from the darkness, and the rights they’ve attained from LGTBQ+ community members in their countries. They spoke on the continued influence of the Stonewall Rebellion and its resounding significance the world over.

Orla Tinsley, award-winning journalist and artist from County Kildare, moderated the nearly two-hour panel discussion with the empathy and grace one would expect from a person of her distinguished decorum. We commend and thank her for her deeply personal and sincere questions and statements that kept the conversation flowing from one Front Line Defender to the next, knitting a tapestry of cohesive conversation and genuine inquiries.

We look forward to hosting the next installment of The Story Continues…, which we’re sure will live up to the high standard set by this event and all those who made it possible.


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